In 2014, Pamela Sealy and her mom, Barbara Chandler, contacted JMPR by way of a referral seeking assistance to bring their vision of combating hunger to fruition. Their vision was simply to aid in the reduction of hunger in the surrounding areas where they reside. Like many visionaries, Pamela and Barbara knew what they wanted to accomplish, but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. JMPR knew exactly what they needed.  POSITIONING. 

Positioning at JMPR shows clients how to possess and operate their purpose in a way that commands attention, not demands it.  As a result, opportunities for aid, partnerships, funding, media, and more often come knocking. 

After several positioning sessions not limited to strategic planning, board and program development, and public relations, Pamela and Barbara’s vision morphed into a fully operational nonprofit organization they named, 
Ru’Day Helping Hands.  

Over the last year, Ru’Day has empowered and assisted many displaced and low income families in Montgomery County, Maryland by providing daily nutritional and hygiene essentials. 

This past Labor Day weekend, Fox 5 News contacted Ru’Day inviting them to share information on their First Annual Homeless Day Cookout. 
View the interview here.   

People are starving to receive the gift you have to help them. 

Are you ready to serve purpose by serving people to help impact their lives???  Well, we are here to help you with your mission!

We do more than create buzz.  We spread awareness! 

At JMPR, we create internal and external cause-related marketing strategies to help our clients effectively communicate with their target audience in order to persuade a response that will lead to ongoing goals---not limited to awareness, funding, donations, strategic partnerships, new legislation, community change, etc.).

Toolkit includes:

  • Over 100 pages of tips and advice from an EXPERT!!
  • Sample Bylaws
  • Sample Board Package
  • Sample Budget Projections
  • Sample Grant Proposal
  • Sample Event Sponsorship Package
  • Sample Media Pitch Letter


***This toolkit is downloaded in PDF format within minutes of purchase.

Are you ready to start your nonprofit?  Do you need sponsors for your event?  Do you want to know how to write a winning grant proposal?  Do you want to know how to be featured on the local news?  Do you want to know the best way to raise funds?




are you ready to let the world know about your cause to help impact lives?