J. Morris Public Relations (JMPR) is a boutique agency located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  Our mission is to provide services that will promote awareness, provoke a response, and produce change.  Our clients include nonprofits, corporations, high-profilers, advocates, activists, socialpreneurs, and educators. 

Jill Morris founded JMPR in the Washington, DC metro area in 2011.  A year prior, Jill was approaching 10 years with the Federal government, but was ready to fulfill her passion---public relations.  With very little business knowledge, a half-written business plan, slim savings, and one client, Jill took a leap of faith and resigned from her good government job to pursue entrepreneurship.  The leap of faith fulfilled its promises because with Jill’s expertise that one client formed a partnership with the White House’s Council on Women and Girls and was featured on the White House’s website.  From the start, Jill had one mission……to provide cause-related marketing services for those who are on a mission to change society for the better. JMPR relocated to North Carolina in 2014.  

Approach.  At JMPR, we have a concentrated approach to how we operate. No cookie-cutter campaigns here. Everything we do requires extensive research, industry/audience analysis, and strategic planning and positioning to achieve the best results. This approach coupled with our reputation, creativity, and our ability to build durable partnerships is what sets us apart.

Reputation.  We delve deep, but present straightforward outcomes for all parties to understand. We have a reputation of providing our clients with an honest assessment of public opinion that aligns with overall objectives----a hallmark that has earned us the respect of numerous industry professionals.

Creativity.  We don’t think in terms of boxes when taking on a project. In fact, our creativity can flow when sitting by the box, sleeping in the box, or standing outside the box. Our creative caps are always on. We’re always in thinking mode. And, if it would help us concentrate more, we’ll even put the box on top of our head.

Competitiveness.  We offer our clients a complete array of public relations strategies that fit the well-seasoned, but do not overlook the newcomer. No, no, no…..we can’t cut out the little guy. The grassroots organization that is trying to spread the word about a holiday food drive needs us. And, we understand low to no funding under a failing economy. That is why our campaigns are tailored according to each client’s budget. That is, we offer our clients the flexibility to purchase an extensive campaign on a monthly retainer or al a cart services on a project-by-project basis.

Commitment.  We take pride in every project we’re a part of. Our commitment goes way beyond the written agreement. In fact, we don’t even make written agreements to projects where there’s no interest or where our beliefs are challenged. Upon the handshake, our commitment becomes professionally personal. It is not unusual for us to walk the last mile of a Juvenile Diabetes Walk that we planned or hold a sign up in protest. 

About JMPR