Client Success Stories

In 2012, Priscilla Ofosu and Dianeda Short, dental hygiene professionals, had a vision to serve pregnant teens and young, single mothers by providing them with life skills and day-to-day support in an effort to help them achieve self-sufficiency.  After a brief meeting, I helped them expand the vision for their venture into two entities---a nonprofit organization and a for-profit fee-for-service company.  Although planning and setting up programs to be in compliance with local government requirements were tedious, within 11 months Lean On Us Unity and Lean On Us Unity-House of Faith were fully functioning entities.  Priscilla and Dianeda's best practice is their ability to use their likeable personalities to garner support.  When forming their board of directors they were able to recruit professionals who they had built relationships with within the dental industry.  These professionals brought a great deal of business knowledge, as well as financial support, to the ventures.  In addition, Priscilla and Dianeda have a passion that drives the success of their ventures because they were once young, single moms who can identify with their clients.  

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In 2015, Pam Sealy, co-founder of Ru'Day Helping Hands, was referred to me to help her and her mom establish a nonprofit organization in Montgomery County, Maryland with a mission to provide support services to homeless families.  The connection was instant and they were eager for my knowledge.  I consulted with them by phone---strategic planning, provided materials, assigned tasks, answered questions---and within months they had a fully functioning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Pam's best practice has been her ability to establish community partnerships, which gives her access and knowledge to potential clients who could benefit from Ru'Day's services. Pam's drive and eagerness to fulfill her purpose through her nonprofit has resulted in the organization's success.  For the last two years Ru'Day Helping Hands has hosted an annual picnic that serves the homeless.  Last year, Fox 5 News interviewed Pam about the event. 

"Pick an issue, go deep, and impact it!"


--Shaun King, Civil Rights Activist and Commentator

Everything You Need to Develop Your Venture, Promote Your Cause, and Raise Money!!!!

In 2011, Jonathan Neal, founder of Outreach Aviation (OA), reached out to me after coming across my website.  Jonathan is an aviation expert and flight instructor who wanted to give back to the community by providing youth with an education and experience in aviation.  At our initial face-to-face meeting, Jonathan had a simple vision of seeing disadvantaged youth flying an aircraft---an endeavor he had accomplished as a teen.  With my expertise, coupled with Jonathan's expertise, we developed an appealing nonprofit venture that triggered an overwhelming response.  So much so that we had to implement a waiting list within 48 hours of open enrollment.  Jonathan's best practice is that he has expertise in a field that is financially lucrative, which he is able to leverage to help build a sustainable program.  With my nonprofit coaching support, as well as with JMPR's support, Jonathan and OA have been featured on Fox 5 News, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, and other local media.  He has also been invited to speak at several events across the country.